Feb 12-14, 2025

Early Bird Registration has Opened. E: admin@icapmot.ca

Early Bird Registration for 2025 has open!

International Conference on Technology, Business, Entrepreneurship, Management and Leadership

The ICAPMOT Conference

Feb 12 - 14,  2025


Location Update: Conference Hall, 197 Wilkinson Rd, Brampton, ON, Canada.
Hybrid Event: Virtual and Onsite


February 12 - 14, 2025; Wednesday, Thursday; and Friday - Industrial Tour
Time Update: 9 AM to 5 PM EST

Important Information for the ICAPMOT 2025 Event!

Registration Dates:

Early Bird Rregistration Starting : July 2, 2024
Early Bird Rregistration Closes :
November 15, 2024
Regular Rate Starts: November 16, 2024 ~ 
Program Days: February 12-14, 2025

Contact Us:

E-mail: admin(at)icapmot.ca
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Abstract Submission Deadlines

Opens: July 15, 2024

Digest/Interest Submission Opens: July 15-2024
Final Program: February 12-14, 2025
Regular Submission: August 26, 2024
Submissin Ends: December 15, 2024

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Digest/Interest Submission Closes: November 15-2024
Final Program: February 12-14, 2025

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Abstract Submission

Please submit your abstract according to the template provided. If you have any questions please feel free to direct your inquiries at: register@icapmot.ca

View / Download – Right-click, Save or Open via Edge/Chrome Browser. 

*Please fill in the information below, provide the title and abstract, attach the digest in the pdf file, and submit it.

Pdf file size no bigger than 2 MB.

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Topics & Catagories

“Technology Leads Business, Marketing, and Industrial Development”


Emerging New Technologies in Science, Enginering and Medicine, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies, Biotechnology and Life Sciences, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies, Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities, Health Tech and Medical Innovations and related fields.


Scalable startups, Large companies: Global Ventures, Diversity and Inclusion, Funding, Cross-Cultural Innovation, Economic Empowerment Policy and Regulation, Technology Transfer: Networking, Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Skill Development, and Cultural Exchange and Innovation:


Sole proprietorships, corporations, and partnerships, E-Business, E-Government, E-Banking, Globalization: Strategic Partnerships: Market Expansion, Economic Trends, Digital Transformation, Innovation in Business Models, Corporate Responsibility, Trade Policies, Business Ethics, & Technology.


Global Leadership, Strategic Management, Innovation Management, Project Management, Human Resource Management: Supply Chain Management, Strategic Partnerships, Digital Transformation in Management, Diversity and Inclusion in Management, Time Management and Strategic Negotiation.


Leadership in Businesses, Management and Community, Global Leadership, Strategic Vision, Inclusive Leadership, Adaptive Leadership, Collaborative Leadership, Transformational Leadership, Effective Communication, Strategic Decision-Making, Leadership Development, Cross-Cultural Leadership and Leadership Ethics.


Discover how social entrepreneurship transforms communities at our conference. Learn about innovative solutions, sustainable practices, and impactful initiatives making a global difference. Join us to share insights, network, and inspire action for a fairer, more sustainable future.

Mark the Program Date: Feb 12-14, 2025

Board Members

Advisory Board Members

Dr. Chintamani Lamichhane

President & CSO at Biotech Labs USA LLC and Adjunk Prof., James Cook University, Vienna, Virginia, the United States of America

Dr. Henri Migala

Educator and Founder, Past Director of International House (I-House), UC San Diego, La Jolla, California, the United States of America

Dr. Jeet Joshi

Associate Vice President and Dean California State University Long Beach, CA, the United States of America


Associate Professor
International School - Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Dr. Marcela Bilek

FAPS FIEEE FRSN FAVSARC Laureate Fellow; Professor of Applied Physics and Surface Engineering School of Biomedical Engineering & School of Physics, Australia

Dr. Paolo Vavassori

Ikerbasque Research Professor, Nanomagnetism, Group Coleader, CIC nanoGUNE, San Sebastián, Spain.

Dr. Murayama Shigeyuki

Professor Emeritus, Material Science & Engineering, Muroran Institute of Technology, Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan

Dr. Harry Ruda

Professor of Materials Science and Electrical Engineering , University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada


Speaker's Testimonials



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Abstract Submission Guideline

Abstract / Digest Preparation Process:
  • Authors must prepare the abstract/manuscript according to the conference template (right click and save to your local computer) provided and submit it through the manuscript abstract/digest submission system.
  • Use either Times Roman or Arial font and font size 11 points.
  • Abstracts/digest submitted are reviewed by the experts selected by the conference committee.
  • Authors will be notified of the review results by email.
Abstract/Manuscript Requirements:

On-site presentation (Oral/Poster)

  • Abstract/digests may be one page long, including all text, figures, and references (less than 500 words and 2 MBytes).
  • The authors can not modify the list of authors after it is accepted.
  • The conference requires that the authors of each accepted abstract/manuscript must be presentin the session.
  • Presentation by anyone else other than one of the co-authorsis not allowed unless approved by the committee.
  • The presenter must registerbefore the deadline. And, failure to do so will result in the automatic withdrawal of the manuscript.
  • For posters, one author must be present at the poster during the entire duration of the session. 
  • The abstract / digest title must appear in boldface
Author’s List:
  • The authors’ name(s) and affiliation(s) should appear in capital and lowercase letters below the title.
Submission and review:
  • Submit the abstractonline and attach the file in pdf format. Name the file as first_lastname2023
  • Address any questions concerning the submission process to: conference@seed-nanotech.com. Please use reference IDon all correspondences.